Marketing Translation

You may ask: “Why hire a professional translator, while free translation sites abound on the web?” It may be tempting, but try an experiment: read the automatic translation of your company mission statement or new product marketing pitch. Does it sound convincing to your overseas client? Does it translate your enthusiasm for the product and your company’s mission? Most likely, the automatic translation accomplishes few of these goals, because a machine lacks the sense of the words, proper context, and the human touch. It is precisely this added value our service offers: make your marketing materials as relevant, vibrant, and persuasive in French, Slovak, and Czech they are in English. Your customers will be ready to seamlessly follow your presentation and give it their full support, without encountering incorrect or distracting usage of their native language. We recommend the personal touch that only a professional translation service can offer; we listen to you and work with your individual business needs to render your international communication as effective as possible.

Few examples of recently translated documents:

Marketing :
* Press release related to company business and financial news, highlighting points specific to customers in France, Slovakia or Czech Republic
* Newsletter for major diving brand thought leaders, or how to choose the right words for diving enthusiasts
* New product launch for a top electronics brand (product specifications, packaging, PowerPoint sales presentation, press release, user manual), our service handled the entire global communication package to the smallest detail
* Product Catalogues, clear, attractive, and understandable, to establish your company’s international image
* Websites for a performance textiles manufacturer and a sport apparel manufacturer. Websites are an essential tool for your brand in order to instantly capture users’ attention by speaking their language
* User manuals: automated guided vehicle, marine electronics, diving equipment, personal security
devices, interactive school board, and others., User manual documentation is not only necessary for the user and their safety, but a well-developed manual can be highly profitable and efficient for your business, as your services are not bombarded on telephone by angry users who have not understood the instructions.

Do you want to win a new market? Do you need to communicate with your foreign partner in an emergency? Do you need some support in finding foreign sales prospects? Could a conference call with your partner save you 10 k €?
As a full translation service, we can help you. Our “added value” generates business value for you. Our highly qualified translation service can help you achieve your goals.

Do you want to win a new market?

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